The All American Honor Guard’s Living History Time Line Weekend is designed to showcase each period of America’s military history so as to allow the public insight into the soldier’s life at that point in time.


Exhibitors present a view of the soldier’s life.  What was worn, what equipment was carried and used, the food that was eaten, tents that were used and, in some cases, vehicles that were utilized.


This event is by invitation only so as to ensure that only individuals or groups that participate are as authentic as possible, are well versed in their era of choice and are willing to engage the public with information about their display and the ability to answer questions as presented by the visitor.


Keep in mind that this is not a reenactment, an artifact collection display nor an antique vehicle show.  Rather, our visitors expect to see a snapshot in time of the day to day life of a US or allied soldier in each period depicted.


This event provides a venue for the public to interact with the participants who are prepared to speak with authority about their impressions.  Most of all, we want this event to be fun for both our visitors and participants.